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Kubestone Benchmarks

Kubestone leverages Open Source benchmarks to measure Core Kubernetes and Application performance.

As benchmarks are executed in Kubernetes, they must be containerized to work on the cluster. A certified set of benchmark containers are provided via xridge's DockerHub space.

title: Kubestone - List of performance benchmarks

Current state of the benchmarks

Type Benchmark name Status
Core/CPU sysbench Supported
Core/Disk fio Supported
Core/Disk ioping Supported
Core/Memory sysbench Supported
Core/Network iperf3 Supported
Core/Network qperf Supported
HTTP Load Tester drill Supported
Application/Etcd etcd Planned
Application/K8S kubeperf Planned
Application/PostgreSQL pgbench Supported
Application/Spark sparkbench Planned

Please follow the link provided under Benchmark name to see the individual documentation related to the benchmark.